John Daly


John Daly, MA

Board Member

Mr. Daly earned his Master of Arts in Music Composition and General Administration Credential from California State University San Jose and his B.A. in Music Education with a minor in Spanish Language from the University of Montana. Additional coursework was completed in music at UCLA and in German at Western Washington University.

His work experience includes serving as a music teacher from 1950-1989. Mr. Daly retired from MPUSD in 1989 as Instumental Music Coordinator.

Mr. Daly’s interests include holding the position of Bassoonist in the Monterey County Symphony, being a professional musician and band leader (1958-present), serving as AF of M – Musician’s Association Officer, and serving on the board of the Aguajito Property Association and the C.S.A. #39 Fire District Board. Mr. Daly is also a Pacific Crest Trail Association Member and a Volunteer Trail Worker. His extensive travel experience includes time in Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Central/Western Europe, Russia, Norway, Spain, and Japan. Mr. Daly has served ILCF in many capacities, including that of Past Chair.