ILCMARC Proposal


International Language and Culture Museum and Research Center

The International Language and Culture Foundation (ILCF) is recommending the creation and establishment of an International Language and Culture Museum and Research Center. In doing so, we seek to enhance the linguistic and cultural world heritages by exhibiting the languages of the world from the earliest times to the present through research, education, along with language and culture awareness and preservation.

The museum and research center will exhibit the history of world languages and cultures from the earliest times to the present, including those that vanished and those that are vanishing.

The research part of the museum will define the intimate connections among people, their languages and cultures as well as conducting scientific, linguistic studies of the nature, structure, psychology, and social aspects inherent in languages and cultures worldwide. This project will result in a dynamic living organism, which will be presented in a museum that shows our past and present languages and cultures. It will also be a cutting-edge research center for scientific inquiry; the results of which are to show and validate our humanity as well to discover new aspects of languages, cultures, and users of languages.

We express great thanks to Jim Broz and Miriam Aguilar who spent numerous hours drafting, revising and submitting our proposal.

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